Professional Services

The care provided by Crossroads Mobile Vet is comprehensive. We offer a full array of services.

Laboratory ServicesDiagnostic/Therapeutic: We employ the best of modern medicine and equipment to help maintain your pet's health and welfare, as well as to diagnose and treat problems as they occur.

Laboratory: We employ both in-house as well as outside laboratory services to perform necessary hematology, urinalysis, cytology, or parasite testing.

Radiology ServicesRadiology: Radiographs can be a critical tool in the assessment of your pet. We use advanced equipment and evaluation techniques in order to help you make informed treatment decisions.

Vaccinations/Pharmacy: We maintain a broad inventory of pharmaceuticals, preventatives, and therapeutic products. In addition, we offer access to easy home delivery of pharmacy refills through our online affiliate, VetCentric.

Surgical ServicesSedation/Anesthesia: Your pet is monitored constantly whenever sedation or anesthesia is necessary. We select the safest available agents based on your pet's individual medical needs.

Surgical: We perform elective and other day surgeries regularly (e.g., spay/neuter, biopsies, wound repairs, etc.). For more complex conditions, we offer access to Board-certified surgical specialists.

Dental: We offer preventive dental exams and cleaning, as well as therapeutic extractions/surgery.

Microchip Indentification: We use and offer the "Home Again" microchip system to help permanently identify your pet through a nationally-recognized registry. For complete information about the Home Again system, please click here.

Transportation: For those occasions when your pet's needs require services outside your home (e.g., surgery, X-rays, etc.), we offer safe, clean and comfortable "pick-up and delivery" transportation.

Counseling: The sources of behavioral, dietary or other problems can often be traced to non-medical causes. A housecall offers an ideal opportunity to evaluate a pet's every day environment. Ask us about ways to maximize your pet's quality of life.