Why A Housecall Vet?

Housecall If you are reading this then you probably know that sometimes it can be inconvenient to get your pet to a veterinarian when it's best for both you and your pet (indeed, it's often downright impossible!). But as busy or complicated as life can get, our pets still need and deserve the same preventive and acute care as always, to insure their highest quality of life and the best companionship for you.

Dr. Dani Cimino founded Crossroads Mobile Vet to offer high-quality, full-service veterinary care to Metrowest clients who need the convenience of in-home service, but still demand the finest care for their pets.

In-home veterinary care is ideal for:

  • elderly pets
  • timid, skittish or nervous pets
  • fractious or aggressive pets
  • owners with multiple pets
  • anyone with hectic schedules/limited time
  • families with young children
  • those who have difficulty driving
  • anyone who needs the convenience of in-home veterinary care

Most importantly, Crossroads Mobile Vet will never require you to choose between the convenience of care in your home and the thorough, comprehensive care your pets need and deserve. Most examinations, treatments and certain procedures can be completed right in your home, but Dr. Cimino's practice also has access to local veterinary hospital facilities and Board-certified specialists, allowing us to offer complete X-ray and surgical services as well.